Update: Omg It’s October

I’m pretty tired today, trying to wake up this morning was hard.

Daylight savings started on Sunday morning and I didn’t even notice until it was late afternoon and I started to feel tired. Normally that would be 3pm in the afternoon but I realized it was only 2pm and it wasn’t until I remembered that the time had already clicked over and I had an extra hour to do what ever I wanted! I was stoked.

My weekend was pretty quiet, mostly spent at home writing my blog and doing some house work. Not very exciting I know, but I was happy that I had no plans and could just take some time to do things I had delayed for a while. I’m a tidy person, I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed but I have been compared to Monica from Friends at times when it come to my cleaning habits – I just like to have things tidy.

On Sunday I had coffee with my sister in Cuba and did a bit of window shopping for a good 30 minutes and made most of the sun. It’s been sunny in Wellington the last couple of days and amazingly no wind! Even today has been fantastic, so I took a walk at lunch. Work has been so busy that it’s all I’ve been thinking about!

Here’s my agenda for the week: 

  1. Buy vegetables @ Farmers Market
  2. Write some more articles for my blog
  3. Read/Finish my 3 month old book
  4. Order new makeup
  5. Inspire someone
  6. Gym

What is your week looking like? 


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