‘Top of my Charts’ Thursday | Life Lessons

TOP 5 Things to live by.. in my opinion

1. Success
Don’t ever think you can’t achieve anything. 

2. The Past
Learn from your past mistakes. 

3. Be Yourself
Don’t change for anyone. 

4. Enjoy Life
You only live once, so make the most of it.

5. Love
Relationships – its a two way street. 


2 thoughts on “‘Top of my Charts’ Thursday | Life Lessons

  1. I love the fact that you expressed your opinions in PHOTOS for the most part! Thanks for sharing! I totally agree…especially in relation to I’m going to succeed b/c I’m crazy enough to THINK I can…and BE YOURSELF! There are a lot of people in this people who were considered CRAZY who succeeded – both living and dead: Columbus, i.e exploring the NEW WORLD; Elvis, Eminem (a white rapper – who’d have thought THAT was possible), the first astronauts who landed on the MOON, Madam CJ Walker, the first woman in America to make a million dollars, selling cosmetics door-to-door, no less, way back in the 20s, I think… Yes, the woman who laid the ground for AVON, Tupperware parties, and Mary Kay, and she was African American, NOT a white woman! And the list goes ON!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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