Top Ten | New Year


*I came across this blog article from my old tumblr. This was an earlier entry that I posted this year of my Top Ten.

Making a list of things you want to do for the new year can be hard, especially trying to figure out what your resolutions are. So instead, I decided that rather than writing down what I hope to achieve – I’m going to write a list of what will happen and I will accomplish this year.. and the next years ahead.

Because I’ll make them happen – it’s all on me anyway.

I’m an organiser, I like to plan things | it’s who I am and the type of person I’ve always been. You could say I’m kind of like Monica on friends, just not so obsessed. lol

These plans, you could say started back when I was in primary school, like when you dream of being a doctor or a policeman or that you could someday fly. Well after procrastinating for so many years, I finally feel like I can do them; and it all starts with a plan.

10 things I look forward to in 2012 and plan to accomplish/start : *no particular order

1. USA Trip | June

2. Buy a house | with Aaron, already started looking

3. Graduation | finally

4. Get rid of debt | not much to go

5. New Year’s in Thailand | Full moon party *with KM + Liz

6. Lose 10kg | hopeful for next summer

7. Quit Smoking | it’s time *I think

8. New Job | already have interviews

9. 2 Years with Aaron

10. Save | O.E to Europe in 2013

For inspiration, here are Gandhi’s Top Ten ‘Fundamentals for Changing the World’

What about you? What are your top ten?


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